Marina is a small town situated in the bay of the same name. It is the center of the municipality and consists of 15 other small villages. Marina has around 1,000 inhabitants, while the entire municipality has around 5,000 inhabitants. Its good transportation connections and proximity to the ancient cities of Trogir (12 km), Split (36 km), and Šibenik (36 km) offer you the opportunity to reach any of them in a short time and enjoy the ambiance of UNESCO World Heritage cities.

Marina Tower is one of the most prominent city landmarks. It was built by the Venetians as a defensive tower in case of invasion from land or sea during the 15th century. Later, it was expanded with a palace and city walls around the entire settlement to protect its residents from the Turkish army. Bishop Franjo Marcello has been using Marina Tower as a summer villa for some time. Recently, it has been converted into a four-star hotel. Today, it is undoubtedly the brightest gem of Marina's cultural heritage.



 The apartments are located in the center of the town, but due to their position, they are in a very peaceful area. They are ideal for a family vacation, and everything is within reach. Although we don't have a sea view, the sea is only 20 meters away from the house. We fulfill all the wishes and requests of our guests, offering an excellent vacation and a pleasant atmosphere. We have three apartments in our property, and within the facility, there is a barbecue area with a gazebo for socializing with our guests. We can prepare authentic local delicacies such as "peka," "brudet," grilled fish, and, of course, Dalmatian fritters. We also offer boat trips exclusively for our guests. Warm regards from your hosts, Ivica and Stanka Frleta.